Did we say services? That`s wrong.

We think in terms of solutions and bring the wind of change in your company. Some might see people as simply employees. We see people as important bricks in the house of your company and support their development for your sake.

So…what are we good at?

  • Executive Search and Recruitment when you need new team members to join your company
  • Outplacement if your`re restructuring employees and willing to be sure that they will be placed in the market in a new company…a very nice way of saying good bye and thank you for your work
  • Training, Coaching and Development to develop the potential of your employees at all levels. Make your company stronger by making your employees stronger in mind and skills
  • Personnel Internal Communication whenever you want to shape your communication, communicate business changes that affect the company and its employees
  • Assessment Centers in order to evaluate new employees or older ones, to assess and rate skills for employment, promotion or in case of restructuring
  • Conflict Management in case of employee conflicts or serious union conflicts; we help you to make peace, instead of war
  • Labour Law Management Assistance in any situation in which you would need a lawyer to solve important employee legal issues or our second opinion
  • Management Consultancy when you need professional management advisory, to redefine or strategy and people management approach
  • HR Procedures and Policies for walking on an organised path; we can design procedures and support you with the implementation
  • Employer Branding – advertising the company`s image as employer to ensure talent and hipo management
  • Organisational Culture to support cultural changes, ensure new company culture, values, drive positive changes

While offering solutions we`re being  guided by principles which are above money and other interests:

  • we are comited to offering a five-star experience to our selected clients
  • we reserve the right to chose our clients and offer them ultimate solutions
  • we believe in shaping a better present by hiring and developing leaders
  • we`re not simply providers as we act as business partners
  • we offer transparent communication at all levels
  • we care for confidentiality and respect it
  • we listen and open the box of solutions
  • we love our work

Are you looking to grow your business and interested in a high quality business partner?

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