People Hunters is a unique recruitment, executive search and HR consultancy company offering ultimate staffing and people management solutions to international and multinational companies. We provide strategical and practical high quality human resources and management consultancy services across a large range of industries all over the world.

But what makes us unique?

  • our fast approach
  • our passion for high quality services
  • we love to make all our clients happy!!!
  • we`re offering a creative approach when obstacles are in your way
  • and not to forget…we are doing business with empathy!

We are aware of the fact that each ambitious company is looking to identify and take care of talents as talent is the golden mine of success. Due to this we are committed to hunting and developing real talents to ensure your business growth and the so much desired business profitability.

Our vision is to offer ultimate staffing and people management solutions, while acting as your business partners. We care, we get involved with passion, we manage projects using our fast approach, our big experience, our network. We act for your business interest and personal happiness. 

The world of business has become more competitive in the latest years. It`s not only about having the right resources, the best employees, it is also about working with dedicated providers.

You might have a problem. We have ultimate staffing solutions.

You might need a big change. We can help you in changing times and in creating the change you want instead of facing the change you do not want.

You could be interested in spicing the company`s culture for the sake of a friendly working environment where innovation meets quality and dedication. Boredom, rigid or classic working environment will not support a real organisational culture. So we can diagnose your company`s culture and treat it with our ultimate medicine.

You might need real leaders to shape and lead your company. We head-hunt leaders and develop others where there is leadership potential.

You might be interested in redesigning your business. We can support you in restructuring.

You`re tired of working with a typical human resources agency. We`re unique. We offer a five-star experience to our selected clients.

Our company is guided by principles which we consider to be above money and other interests:

  • we are comited to offering a five-star experience to our selected clients
  • we reserve the right to chose our clients and offer them ultimate solutions
  • we believe in shaping a better present by hiring and developing leaders
  • we`re not simply providers as we act as business partners
  • we offer transparent communication at all levels
  • we care for confidentiality and respect it
  • we listen and open the box of solutions
  • we love our work

As we respect the rights of each human being no matter the sex, race, colour of the skin, age, social or professional status, we take the freedom of not working companies which do not respect their employees or treat people like slaves.

So if you are looking to partner with a high level provider, just give us a call or drop us an email and we`ll love to have a chat with you and turn your obstacles into bridges.