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PASSION for People

You are not just a business person or an employee, you are someone's relative, you are SOMEONE. With feelings, creativity and talents. We have a passion for people. WE CARE.

GroWING Business

We put wings to your business with innovative staffing and people management solutions. Are you ready for the GroWING process?

Reshaping CAREers

Besides offering staffing solutions for companie, we support individuals, too. Looking for a new better job? Are you looking for an improved version of your life?

Services for Companies

For Companies

We think in terms of solutions and bring the wind of change in your company. Some might see people as simply employees. We see people as important bricks in the house of your company and support their development for your sake.

Services for Candidates

Recruitment & Executive Search

We think in terms of solutions and bring the wind of change in your career and life. Some might see you as a simple employee or just a number in the usual human resources reports. We see people in their complexity.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

We continuously search for talents and we cover all industries and fields, therefore we`re looking forward to meeting you!

Career Advice

Career Advice

This is why business and career management are important topics. Through our work we are opened to sharing our vision on business, human resources and career management. Information is a powerful tool. And we`re not afraid to share it with you.


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Operating Together

We`re operating in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Dubai. We offer unique approach to our clients worldwide.

You and YOU

It`s about supporting your company in human resources matters or you as a career person. It`s about taking you to the next level.


We are dedicated to offering five star experiences to our selected clients. Experienced consultants for premium services.

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